Share Instagram Live Video broadcasts to IGTV

Up till now, Live video session on Instagram were available to viewers during host’s live or with 24 hours but now you can share it in your IGTV. Yes….you heard it right, Instagram officially announced the new feature for Instagram users to keep it available for their viewers for as much long as they want. Users additionally have the option to save their live broadcast to their camera for re- upload.

But now, users can save live video straight to IGTV in longer form videos which provides the benefits such as savings lots of time and the gradual development of IGTV platform. This could be the opportunity for the creators to create content library. With Instagram announcing monetization options on IGTV very soon which give another chance for creators for rising interest with potential interest to earn revenue through their content.

However with some benefits there is always have some limitations, there is also have few to this new process as well:

  1. Any likes or comments from the original video won’t be included in Live video replays,
  2. You won’t be able to edit or trim your live video before sharing it to IGTV
  3. The number of viewers for your live video will restart once you share it to IGTV

Being unable to edit your video could be an issue, and also not being able to see the engagement in the form of comments or likes in the replays. If you’re constantly referring to the comments or viewers during the broadcast, that probably won’t make sense in the replay if their names or comments won’t be displayed. In that case, you’ll be better of just downloading the video and editing as per your liking, then re-uploading to IGTV.

Overall, if you’re looking for a fast, simple way to tap into IGTV, and capture more audience, it is a pretty useful addition.


Hardik Modi is a young champ with high energy & enthusiasm. That is the first thing which comes to our mind when we see him. He is a freelancer digital & social media consultant certified from BRANDVEDA. Being a proud alumnus of HBK School for schooling & a proud alumnus of Indus Institute of Technology for B.Tech in computer science Hardik started his career at the age of 20 & is carrying an experience of social media & online marketing world.

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